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A well-designed landing page increases conversions. Landing pages with an FAQ section perform better, but you don't want people to endless scroll through the text. 

Simply copying an accordion menu script into Unbounce does not work, because the pages are built with absolute positioning, which means, once the accordion folds, the content folds over the section below.

I literally spend hours searching the Unbounce forum looking for solutions, but none of the solutions did what I wanted. 

I finally build the script myself.

I want to save you the headache. And save you the development costs, which can easily go up to $200-300 dollars. 

  • This script is clean, well written, and comes with a step-to-step manual. 
  • The script is compatible with jQuery Carousel Sliders.
  • You can use the FAQ menu multiple times on one landing page. 

"Since most landing pages have questions that need to be answered, this would be an ideal feature. It’s a great way to prevent walls of text that usually tend to kill conversion rates." - CRO

"A great way to convince the Rational Buyer is to take away his last concerns by adding a FAQ section to your page" - IMU

"Your FAQ page represents one of the most valuable moments in a conversion funnel. Nowhere else does a visitor so deliberately indicate that they want to know the details of your product or service." - Neil Patel

Update 10 March 2022

Instructions added to change the font size and font family

Update 9 March 2022

After receiving a 1-star review, I moved the Javascript code out of the PDF because in some cases it breaks when copied and paste into the Unbounce javascript window.

Update: 15 February 2022

Added video tutorial

Update: 14 February 2022

You can directly copy and paste the code from the manual to the editor.

Update: 10 Oktober 2021

Compatible with Fixed Header and Footer script

Compatible with Carousel/Slider script

Compatible with Social Proof Notifications

Compatible with UTM Parameters

Update: 30 June 2021 

  • Manual update - Added missing step. 
  • Add FAQ: How to change the font?
  • Add FAQ: How to change font color?
  • Add FAQ: Use the FAQ multiple times
  • Add FAQ: Use in combination with a carousel slider

Other products:

Carousel/Slider script

Social Proof Notifications

  • The javascript and CSS file and a step to step manual for non-techies included.

  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Manuel
  • The javascript and CSS file and a step to step manual for non-techies included.
  • jQuery3.5.1
  • ManuelPDF


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Accordion menu for Unbounce

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